Next Question: How the heck do you pronounce the name of "Buena Vista?" You know, that town in the middle of Colorado?

Byoona Vista? Bwayna Vista? Byoonie Vista?

You've probably heard it pronounced any and all of these ways. Next's Facebook fans had a lot of opinions:

We called the people who know: the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce.

"I prefer that people say (Byoona) Vista," says executive director Kathi Perry. "I saw that because it was chosen by the town back in 1879, when it was incorporated. It's our town and we should be able to pronounce it the way that we want to pronounce it. We get people all the time that say, 'Why are we insulting the Spanish?'and we're not insulting the Spanish. They never lived here. They did not name it. It had nothing to do with them. It was named by a German woman."

That woman's name was Alsina Dearheimer. She suggested Buena Vista, and insisted on the "Byoo." That decision was based on German pronunciation, and to make a play on the English pronunciation of "beautiful."

Perry says people call them all of the time, and when someone answers the phone and says, "(Byoona) Vista Chamber of Commerce," you hear someone yell "I won," because they have a bet with friends or family members about the proper pronunciation.

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