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Next Question: How much money has Boulder collected from its plastic bag fee?

Matt wanted to know how much difference the city has noticed since implementing that 10 cent bag fee.

Next Question:

"I'd like to get an update on Boulder's plastic bag fee that started a few years ago. What is the amount of reduced plastic bags usage? How much money has been collected by the fee? Where has the revenue from the fee been spent?"

Matt wanted to know, so we checked in with the city.

Boulder implemented its 10 cent fee on every plastic bag in 2012. According to the city, they've seen a 70 percent decrease in plastic bag usage since then, and they've collected an estimated $1 million since 2013.

They're re-investing the money in the reusable bag program, for things like marketing and education programs. Boulder has also purchased tens of thousands of reusable bags that have given to Boulder residents, especially low-income residents at food banks.

Some of the money will also be used to upgrade Boulder's recycling center, so plastic bags that are thrown away can be taken out of the mix. The city also plans to start supplying compostable bags to businesses, since composting is now required by the Universal Zero Waste ordinance.

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