Today's Next Question comes from Tracy, and the question is actually a statement about legal marijuana in Colorado.

Tracy wrote to Next saying:

“I suspect there are many communities in the state that did not vote for legalize it. There is a large portion of the state that feel it was voted in mainly by two cities, Boulder and Denver. Rural Colorado feels like the state is ruled by these two areas, leaving a vast area of

the state without a voice.”

Tracy wrote in after Thursday's coverage of a memo from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who rescinded an Obama-era policy that essentially kept federal law enforcement from busting legal pot shops.

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We can't fact check that last claim with hard numbers, but we can debunk the feeling that only Boulder and Denver passed Amendment 64; 34 of Colorado's 64 counties voted in favor of it.

MAP: Amendment 64 results by county

Sure, liberal strongholds like Boulder and Denver did vote yes. But so did bright red El Paso and Weld counties, and rural areas like Garfield and La Plata counties.

While it is true that none of Colorado's easternmost counties voted to approve legal pot, at least one was close. In Bent County, Amendment 64 lost by just five votes.

Overall, legal pot passed 55 percent to 45.

The difference was 266,000 people, which is enough to fill Mile High Stadium 3.5 times.

You can take a closer look at the numbers by county here.