Today's Next Question comes from Lorie, who wants us to look into the rules regarding the validation stickers:

"I work in an automotive dealership, and this was a car parked on our lot. I guess it was in for service, and being a title clerk for 25 years, I have never seen this before... I felt like Kyle Clark could properly educate the public the difference between a temp. tag and license plates."

An expired license plate captured by a Next viewer.
An expired license plate captured by a Next viewer.

We here at Next are no experts on license plates, but we're almost positive this isn't right. We reached out to Colorado State Patrol, which confirmed our suspicions and told us there are many things wrong with that plate.

First of all, that license plate obviously expired in May, even though the owner desperately tried to cover it up. Temporary plates can't be renewed like metal plates can once it expires.

Second of all, the tags are supposed to only go on valid, metal plates. Judging from the photo, those stickers probably won't come off the paper and are not usable anymore.

Thirdly, when has it ever been okay to place tags in the middle of the license plate, on top of the other numbers and letters? The white month tab is supposed to go on the lower left corner and the colored year tab should be on the lower right corner.

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New tabs can be put on top of expired tags, NOT expired temporary plates.

Colorado State Patrol said that if either or both of the stickers are not placed in the correct area, you can be stopped or cited with a possible $15+ fine. Or, you might be given a warning and told to place them in the right place.

Though, in the case of this expired temporary license plate, there's really no way around it, but we applaud you for your effort.

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