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Next Question: Who paid for the retreat Republicans were on when the train crashed?

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Next Question: Who paid for the retreat the GOP members were on when their train crashed? Taxpayers? Or someone else

Gardner, Coffman, Tipton uninjured after train collides with truck

Many of you - like Nancy, Jim, Linda, Jeff and Mark - asked us, so we reached out to Colorado's congressional delegation, but didn't get real clarity.

We looked to what Republicans, and Democrats who take a similar retreat, told NPR a few years ago.

The Republican retreat is put on by the Congressional Institute, a non-profit that includes ex-Capitol Hill types and lobbyists. That's led to some criticism.

Then you have the Democrats' approach. They told NPR they use taxpayer money for their retreat, which, of course, opens up another line of criticism.

You can decide which you prefer - or maybe - that neither or both approaches bother you.

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