Next Question: "Have you gotten any estimation as to the size of Saturday's 'March for Our Lives' demonstration in Denver?"

That comes to us from Craig and Debbie in Aurora, but this is a question we can't really answer. And this is why:

We aren't sharing a crowd-size estimate at all, Craig and Debbie.

Government agencies are increasingly afraid to estimate crowds because those numbers often seem so political.

We don't like to just parrot the claims of event organizers because they are often exaggerated in a way that benefits them.

Take the Broncos Super Bowl rally. It was a huge event, but Mayor Hancock's office made the eye-popping claim that a million people were there. Analysis of the space later proved that to be impossible.

The DC March for our Lives was estimated by organizers at 800,000 people, but a company that analyzed aerial maps said the crowd was far smaller, at about 200,000 people, give or take 25,000.

So long as impartial experts on crowd size are hard to find, we'll shy away from those estimates.

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