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Denver-area photographers offering affordable senior pictures

Six professional photographers created the "Class of 2022 - Senior Photos - Pay What You Can" group to give back during the pandemic.

DENVER — A Facebook group called "Class of 2022 - Senior Photos - Pay What You Can" is making school portraits affordable for high school seniors and their families.

It’s a concept that was created over the summer after the group’s organizer and professional photographer Kristi Harvey heard parents asking around about affordable photo sessions.  

“We know it’s been a tough year and a half plus for people,” Harvey said. “It’s our way of using our talents to really give back to the community and ease up the financial burden.” 

Credit: Byron Reed

The six professional photographers who make up the group each set their own photo events on the group’s Facebook page. Then, families who need senior photos can select a photographer and a location around the metro area. 

Credit: Byron Reed

“I’ve had people pay me $40 or $50, and I’ve had people pay me $300," Harvey said. "It’s really whatever is in their budget.” 

According to the group, they will have five or six photographers who are going to be adding more sessions all over the metro area as the new school year begins. 

Credit: Art and Soul Photography

“A lot of families may not be able to afford a professional senior photographer,” photographer Linnell Keeling said. “This is a great opportunity for them to be able to get great professional photos at a price that they can afford.” 

Keeling has been a photographer for the past four years, and said this is her way of giving back. 

Credit: Art and Soul Photography

“I love being able to tell people’s stories, whether it's high school seniors and being able to show their accomplishments and everything that they’ve done over the last 18 years," she said. "I want to be able to show that for them." 

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Both Keeling and Harvey agree they want the attention to be focused on the seniors, as they continue to use their eyes to lend a helping hand.

Credit: Reese and Co.

“Just having that normal back is what I really want for them,” Harvey said. “And if they feel like a model by the end of it, then that’s a bonus.”  

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