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Kindness from a stranger convinces boy to get vaccinated

Twelve-year-old Max is immunocompromised. His family was challenged because he didn't want to get vaccinated. Kindness from a local pharmacist changed Max's mind.

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — When Max Day turned 12, his family in Lafayette was relieved – a year older, he was now qualified to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Max is immunocompromised – he also has epilepsy and is on the autism spectrum – so when he turned 12, his parents were eager to protect him with the vaccine. 

But, getting Max to take the shot turned into more of a challenge than his family expected.

That's when the family was met with an unexpected gift from a stranger – a simple gesture of kindness.  

When Max's mom took him to get his first shot at the Walmart pharmacy in Broomfield, Max wasn't having it – despite the pharmacist's kind and gentle attempts.

A couple of days later, Max's dad brought him back for another try – and the pharmacist, Justin, had put together a whole surprise celebration for Max.

Balloons, cupcakes and toys to make Max's experience getting a vaccine one of the best ever – and it worked! Max was able to get his first shot.

The Days told 9NEWS just how much this kind gesture from a stranger meant to them. 

"In that moment, Justin represented hope for me in a hopeless moment," said Max's mom, Denise. "And it was much bigger than just a COVID shot. It was hope for our society, and our humanity that we can show up for each other like that."

Max's dad, Micah, more than appreciated the help with Max. 

"I think it's a reminder that something so mundane and awful can come from such an interesting place, and that you can turn anything, anywhere into a celebration," he said.