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In eight years, one of two Colorado raffles has actually given away a home

The Mile High Raffle has never given away the grand prize house, while the Mighty Millions Raffle has. To give away a house, the raffle needs to have one first.

DENVER — There are multiple nonprofits raffling off a home.

Earlier this week, we told you the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver has held a raffle to giveaway a home for 14 years and has never given away a home.

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation has a similar raffle and has given away a home for eight straight years.

The Mighty Millions Raffle benefiting the nonprofit arm of Children's Hospital Colorado is different than the raffle we talked about earlier this week.

That's the Mile High Raffle, which is for the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver.

If fewer than 80,000 tickets are sold, the Boys and Girls Club does not give away a home, but it does give away cash as the grand prize.

In 14 years, the Boys and Girls Club has never given away a home as the grand prize because it has never sold 80,000 tickets.

A spokeswoman for the nonprofit said the highest number of tickets sold is "more than 80%," which is roughly 64,000 tickets.

The Boys and Girls Club raffle has given away $20 million in cash and prizes... just no home.

So what happens to the home?

The Boys and Girls Club has an agreement to buy the home if enough tickets are sold, so the nonprofit just never buys the home.

So how is it that Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation can give away its home every year for the last eight years?

It's because the home and all other prizes are bought by the nonprofit and awarded regardless of how many tickets are sold.

In 2015, the nonprofit sold 79,000 tickets.

The most ever sold was 148,000 tickets in 2021.

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