The neighborhood around Coors Field in Denver has a lot to offer.

Until recently, color hasn't been included in that, but Denver street artist Pat Milbery and his crew began using the block of 21st Street between Lawrence and Larimer as his canvas.

“It’s a blooming dahlia Colorado flag,” explains Milbery, describing his massive mural on the ground.

Milbery's latest project is part of The Square on 21st the city of Denver’s initiative to see if the block will work better as a green space than as a city street.

“It’s the first pop-up park in Denver,” says Steven Chester a senior city planner with Community Planning and Development for the City and County of Denver. “The priority of the community as we’ve been working through this project is to visually transform this street as much as possible.”

In addition to a giant mural The Square on 21st also has trees, a dog park, a turf patio, a stage, and a bike lane. It will be a park for two months beginning June 15. If all goes well the park may return.

"That’s the long term vision,” says Chester, “to have this space permanently transformed into a neighborhood park.”

Milbery and his crew designed their mural to look great for folks spending time in the park, but he admits, “the best viewing point for this piece is from above.”

In August the street will resume serving motorists instead of pedestrians, but Pat’s mural will continue to bring some color to the Ballpark neighborhood for quite some time.

“I’m calling it’s going to last until the street gets repaved," he says.