After all of the hype about allowing people to bring their own pot into different businesses in Denver, the city says no one has applied for a license to do so.

As of Thursday, the process to apply is now open in Denver. The license would grant stores permission to have a "designated consumption area" (DCA) for pot to be used by customers 21 and older - something voters approved with Initiative 300. You will be asked for an ID before you enter the DCA.

Next checked on Friday, and no one has submitted an application, however, Dan Rowland with the Department of Excise and Licensing said he's not surprised. Many businesses that expressed interest in the idea are still negotiating leases and jumping through other hoops like that before applying.

Here's a few rules to keep in mind with the Cannabis Consumption Establishment license:

1. Pot stores and places with liquor licenses cannot apply.
2. You cannot smoke indoors if it does not comply with the Colorado Clean Indoor Act
3. You cannot buy or sell any marijuana/marijuana products in the DCA
4. You must prove neighborhood support to get a license

That's right. Stores are BYOP.

Customers will be able to identify stores with designated marijuana consumption areas by a placard required by the city to be posted in entrances.

Various businesses have expressed interest in applying with the city, including a coffee shop. Once business owners do apply, there will be inspections, just like any other business, before approval.

For more information on rules and regulations or to apply for the license, visit the city's website here.