So you get to a movie you've really been wanting to see.

You buy a ticket, maybe some popcorn and a drink and find a seat in the movie theater.

You soon realize those sitting next to you, or in front of you, might not be the best movie theater neighbors.

That's the worst.

Next viewer Brian Ibbott had something to say about it:

I know there are a lot of bigger issues these days... But have you noticed how common decency has become a rarity in movie theaters these days? People talking in normal voices, pulling out their cell phones during the movie, everything.

My wife and I had an experience seeing Arrival a few weeks ago where people in each of the three rows directly in front of us each pulled their phones out during the film, and to top it off, the people directly in front of us decided to light up a joint an hour into the film. That one prompted us to get a manager. Yeah, we're a killjoy.

Maybe a hard-hitting expose about how the general public can't tell the difference between watching at home vs. watching among a group of people who also want to watch the movie? Maybe not.

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