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Read this if you both like to procrastinate and participate in Colorado's political process

Don't get caucus-blocked, Colorado.
Credit: KUSA

Tuesday is caucus day. What does that mean?

Simply put, it's the most grassroots way for you to participate in helping decide who the next candidates for office will be, but particularly the next governor.

The Democrats and Republicans caucus differently.

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The Republicans will not be asking caucus-goers who their preference is for governor. Ultimately, Republican delegates will decide at the April 14 state convention which Gubernatorial candidates get enough support to qualify for the June primary ballot.

On Tuesday, the Democrats will start to allocate delegates based on popularity of candidates at the precinct caucus. The more delegates that a candidate has advance from the precinct level to the county assembly, the better chance they'll have of having delegates advance to the state convention.

Candidates for both parties need 30 percent or more of the delegation support at the state convention to qualify for the primary ballot.

Candidates can also qualify for the ballot by collecting signatures and petitioning their way on.

To attend a caucus, however, voters must fit all three criteria:

Registered as a Republican or Democrat by Jan. 8

Live at the address of their current precinct as of Feb. 5 (if you moved since then, you can still attend the precinct of your old address, though you can't be picked as a delegate to continue to the county assembly)

Register to vote as of Feb. 6.

You cannot attend a precinct caucus if you're an unaffiliated voter. You'll get your turn when you receive your June primary ballot.

To find your caucus location, use these links:

Colorado Democratic Party: https://www.coloradodems.org/caucus-lookup/

Colorado Republican Party: http://caucus.cologop.org/

A spokesman for the Colorado Republican Party said that their site is working, except for people who are not registered as Republicans not being able to find their addresses, which is normal since their addresses would not be listed in the database.

The Colorado Democratic Party spokesman has heard concerns from some people whose addresses are not recognized by their system.

We also heard from some of those voters.

"This would be a turn off, I mean a lot of people would probably just not find their way there at all," said Lakewood voter Dennis Jones. "It should be real simple. I would think all you need is a zip code."

Jones was unable to find his Belmar condominium address in the caucus finder web search.

Fear not, there is a tedious multi-step process to manually find your caucus.

Find your registration on the Colorado Secretary of State website: http://bit.ly/2xKq87r

Click on the "County & District Information" tab.

Find your 10-digit precinct number.

Go back to the Colorado Democratic Party website to search precincts by county: http://bit.ly/2I5z5OL

Click on your county and find your precinct.

It may take a few clicks and some effort, but Jones said it is worth it.

"If you want the government to behave the way you think it should behave and act the way you think it should act, you need to participate. You need to be part of the process," Jones said.

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