May I make a recommendation? We like to send you to work from other outlets when it deserves to be seen.

Take a moment and read some of the articles written by Denver Post reporter Colleen O'Connor.

She loved to tell little known stories of our community, and today, the story of her death is all over the news.

O'Connor was hit and killed while walking across 1st Avenue at Downing Street in Denver on Wednesday night. The driver arrested at the scene is likely to be charged with vehicular homicide and driving drunk.

O'Connor's colleagues at the Post say she was kind, curious, patient... the kind of person we could use more of in newsrooms, and in our community.

John Inglod, another reporter at the Post, shared several links to some of her most exceptional work. In a series of tweets, he wrote:

I cannot imagine a kinder or more thoughtful colleague. This is devastating. Colleen was deeply committed to telling stories from all corners of our city. Her work reminded me constantly of how diverse Denver is. She wrote about refugees... And the African-American community. She covered gay rights, social justice and a day with Gay Talese. Colleen was also passionate about history. I learned so much about Colorado's past from her stories... More Colleen stories. This amazing pair (here and here) is about Middle East strife as lived in Denver... One final story: In 2010, Colleen wrote about ghost bike memorials for fallen cyclists. Hope she receives one, too.