Roller rinks are a favorite pastime. Some may even have flashbacks to parts of their childhood when they think of putting on roller skates and circling around a disco ball.

That's why a couple in Lakewood has decided to take reminiscing to a new level. They're re-opening Roller City West, a roller rink they grew up going to in Lakewood.

It was open from the 1950s to 1996. Then it became a thrift store. In the next month or two, the rink could be restored to its original glory.

Bry and Kelli Duncan will start hiring soon.

Bry talks about the decision to reopen Roller City West, through the lens of photojournalist Corky Scholl. Hear from him in the video above.

What memories do you have of Roller City? A few Next viewers have already shared theirs:

Claudia Krumtum: My husband and I met at Roller City West in 1970. I fell for him - literally (it’s a long story). Have been married 47 years. Glad to hear it’s coming back!

Cheryl Gantner: I skated at Roller City West! I had my own skates, white with pink wheels. I was the fastest girl skater in the races. It would've been in the mid 70's. Every race they would put me further and further back so other girls would have a chance. I never lost!

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