Colorado's Republican U.S. Senator Cory Gardner started an uproar recently, when he suggested that the flood of calls and emails to his office were coming from paid protesters, as opposed to genuinely concerned constituents.

In our interview with Gardner, which followed the nomination announcement for Judge Neil Gorsuch of Denver, Next asked if he still stood by that characterization.

"There is certainly a number of people calling from out of state. New York, California. That's happening. There are certain paid activists through Craigslist. We've seen the advertisements. We've seen a large portion, a large percentage from Colorado, who need to be heard, who want to be heard, and that's why important that we have the kind of constituent outreach we've developed, to make sure that we're listening to Coloradans - their voices get heard. What I worry about, though, is paid protesters from out of state who are crowding out those Colorado voices. That's a big concern of mine, a concern of my colleagues, when they can't hear voices from their constituents. because paid activists from out of state are getting in the way."

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Our full interview with Senator Gardner: