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Snowy patio furniture that even Kyle Clark could love

We work at a news station, we get a lot of pictures of snow on patio furniture – but it doesn’t mean we like it. 

We all know how Kyle Clark feels about photos of snow covered patio furniture (see rant below).

In a nutshell, his stance is that Colorado is too beautiful to rely on the laziest snow measuring photos of all time.

But a few people brought the heat when it got cold this week. Markus Hughes, you're the reason for the debut of snowy patio furniture on Next.

He sent in a couple of photos from in Pagosa Springs. In the first, he swore that patio furniture was in that mess, somewhere.

And he came through for us in the end. He went outside, did a little digging and sent us a snowy patio furniture photo that even Kyle Clark can love.

All he wrote for the second photo: Found the chair!

Slow clap for you, Markus. And soak it in, everybody. Snowy patio furniture isn't likely to appear on Next again any time soon.


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