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Steve's wardrobe is getting pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness

Feel free to send the nasty e-mails. Steve Staeger’s wardrobe is getting an update for a month.

Feel free to send the nasty e-mails. Steve Staeger’s wardrobe is getting an update for a month.

Steve is taking part in the American Cancer Society’s Real Men Wear Pink campaign during October. He’s going to wear something pink every day during the month to raise awareness and money for the disease. This is why:

I'm doing it all because of someone who never had breast cancer. My former main anchor at WCIA – Dave Benton.

Benton fought a very public battle with brain cancer in 2014, before he passed away in 2015. When doctors were counting his months, it never phased Dave. Through it all, He focused on the other people in his community in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois who struggled with cancer.

Dave would have wanted the focus to be on others.

In Colorado this year, the American Cancer Society estimates 4,110 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. An estimated 560 women will die of the disease.

I am raising money for research, and I'm also in a friendly competition with Ben Higgins from the Bachelor who is also competing (I would like to remind you, #NerdsRule).


If you want to donate so that Steve can cream that guy from the Bachelor for a good cause, click here.

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