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Tancredo: Politicians running 'sanctuary cities' should be held liable

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo doesn't fully support Pres. Trump's stance on immigration, but he does think politicians should be held responsible.

The Department of Justice letter to Denver Police Chief Robert White on Wednesday is the second move on immigration by President Trump's administration in the last four days.

Today's letter to DPD essentially asked for documents to be provided to the federal government that detail the guidance law enforcement employees have received from their bosses about how they're allowed to communicate with federal agents.

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On Saturday, on the anniversary of the President's inauguration, his campaign put out an ad focused on immigration reform. You know you've gone far to the right on immigration when even Colorado's loudest voice on immigration reform doesn't agree.

"President Trump is right. Build the wall. Deport criminals. Stop illegal immigration now. Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants," the ad states.

"I'm not going to say that, but I am going to say, if you are a public official of a sanctuary city and your actions provide the haven for people who are committing violent crimes, then yes, you should be held liable," said Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Tom Tancredo.

"Does that mean you think Mayor Michael Hancock should be arrested?" asked 9News reporter Marshall Zelinger.

"Oh, arrested? No, but I believe he should be held liable. What I mean by liable, I mean civilly liable, not criminally liable, I'm talking about civil liability."

Tancredo compared the type of liability elected leaders should be held, to that of not endangering someone by not shoveling your sidewalk after it snows.

"They're not committing the crime, they're not out their bludgeoning the citizen, but they are allowing a situation to develop that puts their own citizens in danger," said Tancredo. "You're only talking about people who have committed other crimes, that's who the protection of sanctuary city is for, and it's idiotic."

Elected representatives are often protected by governmental immunity, but Tancredo thinks you could get around that by proving their legislating outside their lane.

"You can erase that, especially if you do things that are outside the scope of your responsibility," Tancredo said about governmental immunity.

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