Sebian Holiday has become an inspiration to strangers.

Sebian is a 16-year-old who has a degenerative muscular condition, and a very sharp mind.

He was determined to create a recreation center where people with disabilities felt welcome. The idea was born after he went to work with his dad, a fitness instructor, and had nothing to do.

Seb's Recreation Center opened in Aurora at the start of the year, thanks to help from his dad and his hero, Keithan.

WATCH: Teen with disabilities starts special rec center with help from his best friend – Dad

We shared that story with you earlier this week. What we didn't have the family's permission to share then is that Seb is currently in the hospital, where he's been for about a week.

From his hospital bed, Sebian told us he's having a hard time, but he finds strength in family, friends and you. Many people who watched Sebian story have offered kind words, encouragment, and even donations for the rec center.

"I've encountered possibly one of the hardest challenges in my life, and I've managed to stay positive," he says. "It means a lot that, through my positivity, it's spread throughout the world."

If you'd like to learn more about Seb's Recreation Center, visit their website here.

We'll pass along any updates Seb's family shares.