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Teen with disabilities starts special rec center with help from his best friend – Dad

Sebian Holiday was determined; he believed that people with disabilities and their families should have a rec center of their own.

A couple of years ago, Sebian Holiday had an idea.

While visiting the recreation center where his dad, Keithan, worked as a fitness instructor, he wanted something to do.

There weren't many options for Sebian, who has a degenerative muscle disease called muscular myopathy. Keithan told him they could go into the pool.

"I didn't really want to go into the pool because I usually do that with my mom, and I didn't want to get wet," he laughs.

Sebian quickly turned any despair he felt into a dream. What if there could be a recreation center for people with disabilities?

"I told him that it wasn't fair that I couldn't do anything there because, just like everyone else, I'm human," he says.

Sebian just recently saw that vision become a reality with help from Dad.


Keithan now runs Sēb's Recreation Center, which opened at 1710 Buckley Road in Aurora earlier this year. In addition to fitness equipment for both disabled and able-bodied people, there are crafts, games, a multimedia space, dances, bingo, yoga, First Aid classes and more.

"Just because a person looks disabled doesn't mean that they can't think, or that they can't speak, or that they can't have feelings, or emotions, or even want to help other people like themselves," Keithan says. "That's my son. He's my hero, for real."

To which Sebian says, "Honestly, without him, I would not be here. He's literally my best friend."

Sebian was never supposed to live past 9. He's now 16, and he and Keithan hope they have many more days together enjoying what they have created.

Sebian's brother, Hunter, told us Sebian is his inspiration. If you feel inspired by their story and would like to learn more about the rec center, head over to their website.

Hunter (brother), Sebian and Keithan

This story is best told by the video, put together by producer Cody Broadway. Take a few minutes to watch above.


UPDATE: Last night you met Sebian; his dream to start a rec center for people with disabilities came true with the help of his dad. What we didn't have the family's permission to share last night is that Seb is currently in the hospital. We went to go see him today. Watch here.