There’s a man at the King Soopers, over at West 80th and Sheridan Boulevard, who’s known simply as “Cowboy.”

You’ll know him when you see him. He wears a big smile and a big hat as his standard uniform, and he uses the same greeting for everyone he sees.

“Very enjoyable guy; happy go lucky. Loves to say ‘partner’ all the time,” store manager Kevin Iwata says.

Cowboy has been working at that King Soopers as a courtesy clerk for more than 30 years, which explains why customers say hi when they walk through the door.

“Hello, pard’ner!” he replies.

He bags the groceries, and pushes carts to the parking lot. Most importantly, he becomes the customers’ friend.

“Cowboy is one our special needs people that just helps us do almost anything,” says Gary Horrigan, a cashier.

We can’t quite do justice to Cowboy in text. Watch the video above, shot by Next producer Cody Broadway.

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