Next's search for the smartest kid in Colorado led us to a young lady named Reegan Thomson.

Reegan is 7-years-old, and lives in Erie, Colo.

Her mom says she asked why the sky is blue the other day, and it turned into a discussion about pollution. Reegan got pretty emotional about the fact that people litter, and don't pick up their trash.

She asked if she could go clean up the "whole world," and Mom suggested starting with the neighborhood. So, they posted a video online in their neighborhood Facebook group.

"Hi, my name is Reegan, and me and my family are going to help the environment tomorrow," she says.

Reegan's mom is helping her organize a cleanup Thursday at 4 p.m., at the "Rock Park" in - off of Vistas Parkway in Erie.

Her mom says a few Daisy troops, Reegan's second grade class, and others have already RSVP'd.

Anyone is welcome.

We're still looking for more of Colorado's smartest kids. If you know one of those, email