A bill before the Colorado legislature would legalize smashing and grabbing a pet out of a dangerously hot car, provided the Good Samaritan first tried to find the owner and contact law enforcement.

A few million people watched one of our first commentaries on Next, about the day I wrestled with what to do about a dog in that situation. See here: Maybe this video stops someone from leaving a dog in a hot car

Republican Lori Saine of Firestone, who sponsored the bill, says that story prompted a lot of the bipartisan support for her bill, as well as common sense.

"It's fundamentally wrong not to protect Good Samaritans who protect others," she said in a sit-down interview with us.

Proposal made to legally allow Coloradans to rescue dogs from hot cars

She doesn't believe that a large number of people are currently being prosecuted for rescuing dogs in danger, but at the same time, Saine doesn't see any reason not to have a formal law protecting those people.

A Coloradan would be trusted to use to make a judgment call in these cases. In other states where laws like this have passed, Saine says there has not been an uptick in vigilantism, in case you're wondering about people smashing random cars at will.

Our full interview with Saine: