In Episode 1, we meet people who knew Tom Spear in his glory days. People who, like 9NEWS photojournalist Tom Cole, wondered what had happened to him.


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"Stop lights and busy intersections are common grounds for homeless people to seek opportunity. For many of us, we roll up in our vehicle or bike and wonder: who are they and how did they get there? How did they get to this point in their life?

In northwest Arvada there is a similar scenario.

...actually, it’s very different.

There is a homeless man who I’ve seen playing tennis, dancing, enjoying the skate park and at times soaking up the sun.

He goes about his day in his own world. He walks his bike with a kid trailer loaded with his belongings around the town in all kinds of weather - year round.

I started by saying hello to him and got nothing back. No eye contact and no acknowledgment. I decided it might be best to ask around.

Last year around Christmas, I asked the right person who he was.

Tom Spear was the answer. Foosball Champion. World Champion. Homeless.

If you saw him in your town, you would be intrigued.

The first episode of SPEAR introduces you to some of his friends and people he’s come in contact with throughout the years.

Producer, editor and photographer Cody Broadway and I take you on a journey of a man that is best described by those that knew him as... methodical,"
-Tom Cole, SPEAR director.

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