For a moment, it looked like you could bring medical marijuana on a plane.

The brief change happened Tuesday on the TSA's popular "What Can I Bring" website. It's where you check to see if you can carry on an ax (no), corkscrew (yes), dynamite (no), ice skates (yes), tennis racquets (yes) or tear gas (no) on a plane.

Medical marijuana has always been a no, until this week. Someone at the MassRoots weed website apparently just sits there all day refreshing the TSA page waiting for the moment when your pot is free to move about the country.


A person there noticed the TSA had a big, green "yes" next to medical marijuana. The website stated that passengers were allowed to bring their stashes of medical pot in a carry-on or checked bag.

The TSA quickly harshed the mellow, changing it back to "no," and tweeted, "We're sorry for any confusion. A mistake was made."


{"url":"","author_name":"AskTSA","author_url":"","html":"&#lt;blockquote class=\"twitter-tweet\"&#gt;&#lt;p lang=\"en\" dir=\"ltr\"&#gt;&#lt;a href=\"\"&#gt;@cannaadvisors&#lt;/a&#gt; We’re sorry for any confusion. A mistake was made in the database of our new “What can I bring?” tool.&#lt;/p&#gt;— AskTSA (@AskTSA) &#lt;a href=\"\"&#gt;April 5, 2017&#lt;/a&#gt;&#lt;/blockquote&#gt;\n&#lt;script async src=\"//\" charset=\"utf-8\"&#gt;&#lt;/script&#gt;","width":550,"height":null,"type":"rich","cache_age":"3153600000","provider_name":"Twitter","provider_url":"","version":"1.0"}


Next checked with Denver International Airport, and marijuana - medical marijuana or happy fun time marijuana, is not and was never legally allowed on planes, or even airport property.

The TSA's website now says:

“Whether or not marijuana is considered legal under local law is not relevant to TSA screening because TSA is governed by federal law,” according to the TSA. “Federal law provides no basis to treat medical marijuana any differently than non-medical marijuana.”