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Two little beaks and four little wings have arrived in the Longmont Osprey nest

Two of the three eggs in the Longmont Osprey nest have hatched!
Credit: Boulder County Open Space

This story is part of a series of 9NEWS articles exploring the intrigue of bird mating season in Colorado, written by people who watch too much reality television.  

It's twins!

The Ospreys of the Boulder County Fairgrounds, in Longmont, are delighted at the news that their 2019 offspring have arrived; Chick 1 hatched at 11:11 a.m. on Thursday, May 16, and Chick 2 followed at 4:37 p.m., respectively.

The Ospreys and babies are all doing well, and per the Boulder County website, another little one could emerge from the nest's third egg by Sunday's end.

According to the avid osprey watchers in the online forum, the hatchlings' first couple of days involved some scary moments, including storms and potential nest intruders, but the family also feasted on fish and redecorated their home with rocks and large sticks -- you know, nesting.

These aren't the first bundles of joy for the happy couple. Dad Osprey had another partner before, but he was all, "Thank you, nest," and moved on with Momma Osprey in 2013.

This year hasn't been without dramatics. Other male ospreys tried to sneak into the birdhouse for a little tailfeather (c'mon, at least tweet her to dinner, first). Momma wanted nothing to do with these relationship vultures, though. She promptly kicked them from the nest.

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The eggs arrived early last month. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service said that we can expect to see the chicks fly in about two months.

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For now, the parents will continue to guard their young. You can check in on them any time you want thanks to the Boulder County Open Space live stream. Watch it here.