Cher Luther was snowboarding down a run at Breckenridge on Friday morning without a care in the world, until a moose came charging from behind.

Luther and her friends were headed to catch the lift at Peak 6 when she thought a horse was coming toward her. She pulled out her phone as soon as the moose was close enough for her to realize what the animal was.

The video shows the moose come within feet of Luther, but it keeps running past her and appears to head toward the trees.

VIDEO: Moose charges down Breckenridge ski run

Breckenridge Ski Resort told Next that there were reports of a moose sighting on the mountain Friday but no one was hurt.

“We share the mountain with a number of animals that live in the area and this is a good reminder for guests and employees alike to keep away from wildlife and report any moose sightings right away,” said John Buhler, vice president and chief operating officer of Breckenridge Ski Resort, said in a statement.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife agreed. If a skier spots a moose on the mountain, stay as far away as possible. Moose, which are territorial, are one of the most dangerous animals in the wild, and they can run up to 35 mph, says National Geographic.

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CPW believes this is a female moose. They say her hair is raised on the back of her neck, which means she's agitated.

Luther is heard on the video yelling that she doesn't know where to go. If you see a moose, CPW says to stop skiing, don't take out your phone and try to put a large object, like a tree, between you and the animal. If the moose charges, keep moving around the tree to avoid it, if you can.

Moose can seriously hurt or kill a person, and if one does, CPW has to put down the animal.