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What can the results of Denver's first mayoral race tell us about the runoff election?

By this time next week, most Denver voters should have their ballots in their hands, and how they voted two weeks ago may clue us in on the strategies of Jamie Giellis and Michael Hancock.

DENVER — How do Michael Hancock or Jamie Giellis win the June 4 runoff?

Get 50% plus one vote, of course.

Seriously, what has to happen to get the majority of Denver to choose Hancock for a third term or Giellis as the first female mayor of Denver?

On May 7, the vote totals were as follows:

  • Hancock: 68,787 (38.7%)
  • Giellis: 44,279 (24.9%)
  • Calderón: 32,839 (18.5%)
  • Tate: 26,213 (14.7%)

If Lisa Calderón and Penfield Tate convince the people who voted for them on May 7 to vote for Giellis instead of Hancock, Giellis will have more than enough votes to win.

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Hancock either needs support from some of Calderón's and/or Tate's voters or he needs them to stay home to up his percentage by lower turnout.

The Denver Elections precinct heat map can clue us in as to the strategy of both campaigns. (Click on the "dashboard" tab)

This map shows which precincts chose, which candidate as the most popular choice for mayor.

Hancock was the most popular choice at many precincts throughout the city.

Giellis was the top choice in Congress Park, Hilltop, Washington Park, southeast Denver, River North and near Berkeley.

Calderón was the top vote-getter in sporadic precincts across the city.

Tate received his most support in Park Hill.

The map allows us, and the candidates, to see who the number two choice in each of those precincts was. If Hancock can find the precincts that he was the second choice to Calderón or Tate, he can steal some votes that Giellis may be counting on.

In the areas that Giellis finished second to Calderón or Tate, it may be natural for those voters to select her on the June 4 ballot.

9NEWS will host a live hourlong debate between Hancock and Giellis on Tuesday at 7 p.m. that will air on Channel 20.

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