Even though Denver has approved a permit for the first-ever social put club, the cafe won't sell pot at the store. So the question becomes - how are they going to track how much people are consuming?

For weeks, 9NEWS has been following Rita Tsalyuk, the proprietor of The Coffee Joint.

"They can vape they can consume edible and other kinds just not smoking," she explained. "We will advise them how to consume responsibly and educate how to consume responsibly."

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That includes employee training with the Trichome Institute, helping employees keep an eye out to make sure customers don't over do it and learn about the different effects of different marijuana.

"Employees here when they see someone crack open a 100 milligram chocolate bar they will come around and say hey do you know what 100 milligrams means," said Max Montrose with Trichome Institute.

"If we see people are not acting right we will ask them politely to leave and we will get transportation to get them safely home if they continue to mis-behave we might have to call law enforcement," Tsalyuk said.

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There will be signs about age limits. She also said her staff will be reminding customers about the legal limit as well.

"There isn't a protocol for what we call cutting off that doesn't exist it yet. But the state has tons of cannabis laws and regulations that also include what cannabis impairment is from a driving perspective," Montrose said.

"We are not going to contribute any more danger to the city than it already has," said Tsalyuk.

Bars can get in legal trouble if they over serve people. Marijuana won't be sold at the Coffee Joint; people have to bring their own.

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9NEWS' legal expert Scott Robinson said there is the potential for legal liability if some one has too much weed while at the business.

The Coffee Joint still has to pass a set of inspections like building and fire safety before they get the license that allows pot there.