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What will you never again take for granted after this?

What's one thing you've told yourself you won't take for granted when this ends? Something you never thought of as vital until it was gone? These are your answers.

DENVER — Recently, we asked a simple question: What would you never again take for granted after all this? What we received was something decidedly not simple. Watch the story, from reporter Chris Vanderveen and photojournalist Chris Hansen, in the video above. Below, a word from Vanderveen:

Thank you! Thanks for writing. Thanks for sending in your stories and your pictures and your smiles.

Thank you!

In the heart of something so dark, I’m so happy to see your light. Allow me a moment to explain.

Last week, I asked you to send me a picture of you holding up a sheet of paper telling me what one thing you will, when this is all over, never again take for granted.

Your responses were awesome!

Some were poignant. Some were silly.

Some were honest.

All were remarkable.

It’s been a tough few weeks in the 9NEWS newsroom. We’ve covered some incredibly tragic stories.

We’ve also done so with almost all our staff working remotely.

There are people I communicate with daily who I haven’t seen in person for more than a month.

I miss a full newsroom. I miss it a lot.

But I also know that people are finding the good in all of this.

Your pictures prove that.

Please take care. Thank you for sending those pictures.

And, remember there are simply things we should never take for granted.

Not now.

Not ever.

Stay safe,


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