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What you should do about that car that's been parked on your street for months

What do you do about that car that's been parked on your street for months? No, a passive aggressive note won't do much good. Instead, call 311.

A 9NEWS viewer named Chris sent Next a photo of a Blue Ranchero that he says has been parked off East 9th Avenue and North Clarkson Street in Capitol Hill for a long time.

Such a long time, in fact, that someone got so fed up they put a piece of paper on the car and said they were going to report it as abandoned.

Ok, passive aggressive notes are great and all, but what should you actually do in this situation?

A spokesperson for Denver Public Works said to call 311 if you think a car has been parked in the street for more than a few days.

A “right of way enforcement agent” will come and mark the car. Then, if the agent returns in 72 hours and it’s in the same spot, the owner will get a citation.

But say that’s your car, and you were totally going to come back for it? Well, if your car disappears on a Denver street, it’s likely in the city’s impound lot. You can check their website to see if a vehicle matching the description has been left there.

And for the record, Denver Public Works said you have to move your car at least 100 feet every three days if you have street parking. That’s a way to avoid a ticket.