DENVER — Help the Zoeys of the world and wrangle your own cart.

On Tuesday, at the King Soopers in Glendale, customers hurried inside to raid the milk, cheese and banana shelves using the carts they grabbed inside the double doors. Outside, Zoey had gathered them four-at-a-time, pushing them through slush and snow, bringing them in for customers to use.

It's a job done in 30-minute bursts to stay safe and warm.

"Rubber boots, thermals and waterproof gloves and a hat and a big scarf that goes down to my knees," Zoey said about what's needed to stay warm.

Just like any other day, carts were left throughout the parking lot, and not even in the cart corrals. Come on, Colorado, just like you help your neighbor shovel, help your local Zoey not have to collect your cart.

"I can't blame them, though, I would want to go home too," said Zoey.

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At the JW Marriot in Cherry Creek North, the valets get an escape from the cold with two large decorative space heaters.

"They do look like lamps, but they are heaters," said valet Randle Williams.

Williams moved to Colorado from Southern California three-and-a-half years ago for a track scholarship to Metro State University of Denver.

He chose to stay after graduation.

"They actually do call me back home, they say it's 80 degrees and you're in a foot of snow, and I'm actually like, I would rather the snow than be in 80 degrees when it's wintertime," said Williams.

Though on this snowy day, his 48-second, 400-meter speed was best used running to the heater.

"It's basically a 75/25, me and my co-worker, we switch off and we go inside, a little five-minute break, and then we come right back and switch off every here and there," said Williams.

While running inside, Williams passed a few of the Washington Wizards staying at the hotel. They are in town to take on the 12-3 Denver Nuggets tonight. Because of that game, workers at the Pepsi Center were outside all day and into the evening clearing snow and directing traffic.

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"Usually, we'll put it into the landscaping. We'll put it into the retention ponds. We'll put some in your car if you'd like to take it home," joked Craig Smith, Senior Director of Engineering at Pepsi Center. "Take some free snow, yes."

He said he's never seen a snow that the seven plows and three excavators couldn't handle, though they tried to outsource the snow at one time.

"We once tried to move the snow by dump trucks," said Smith. "We found that it freezes in the back of the trucks."

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