Denver Mayor Hancock had 4,000 signatures of 4,000 upset people to consider, as he weighed whether to punish the organizers of the 4/20 pot rally that trashed Civic Center Park.

The signatures were gathered by the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood. Jeff Hunt is the head of the Centennial Institute - a think tank at Colorado Christian University, in the suburbs. He says they opposed recreational marijuana in Lakewood, and their organization speaks out against it in other parts of Colorado, as well.

"We think this is a damaging drug for the public, so we wanted to have a strong voice this. But I actually went down to the 4/20 rally. I walked around there. While initially I was heartbroken to see so much marijuana smoked in the presence of children and infants, it wasn't until the next day that we decided we needed to organize a petition," Hunt says.

Hunt was bothered by the piles of trash left around Denver's Civic Center Park, and he's grateful Mayor Hancock heard their opinions. Hunt says this political involvement is just the beginning for the think tank.

"We're people that have strong principles, and we're going to fight on those principles. And it's our mission to change cultural attitudes," Hunt says.

When it comes to conservative politics in Colorado overall, Hunt believes President Trump has delivered on the promises he made to institutions like Colorado Christian University, and that Trump is doing a great job.

"Conservatives have in him, a real champion," Hunt said.

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