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Why former Gov. Dick Lamm opposes Olympics, Amazon in Colorado

Former Governor Dick Lamm says Amazon and the Denver Olympics are terrible ideas, and that he knows why our state's politicians are pursuing both of them.
Kyle Clark with former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm.

Former Governor Dick Lamm convinced Coloradans to reject the 1976 Olympics.

Monday, Lamm stopped by Next with Kyle Clark to discuss the prospect of the Games coming now, as state and Denver city leaders are once again considering a bid, as well as the idea of adding Amazon into the mix.

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Here are five takeaway from our interview:

1. He says the bid should, and will be stopped.

"I think it can be stopped. I think it will be stopped, sure. You look all around the world, people are withdrawing their bids. Boston withdrew their bid... all over the world, when they really come to trying to host the Olympics, it's an economic disaster, almost inevitably, and the people don't support it. So I think that this one is living on borrowed time."

2. Lamm believes Amazon would be worse for Colorado than the Olympics.

"We have among the lowest unemployment rates in the world. They're looking at 30- to 50,000 (jobs). That means most of those people are going to have to come in from out of state. Do you know what it costs us to settle somebody coming in from out of state? It's 20- to 30,000 in roads, and schools, and infrastructure. And then they want us to give them a subsidy - the largest corporation in America - or one of them. I think the audacity of Amazon, asking for these various communities to bigger themselves with money that we desperately need for school, and infrastructure, and roads to help settle those people."

3. Wouldn't these jobs be good for young people already in Colorado today?

"They certainly could be, and that certainly is an argument, and I think one that should be heard... I believe in organic growth... Do you want slow growth, or do you want cancerous growth? I think that's the question. Do you want to have the regular, organic- Colorado's growing nicely. We're adding jobs without having this avalanche of jobs, we have to then move heaven and Earth to accommodate to."

4. Why are local leaders trying to hard to get these organizations?

"Because they're following the ancient way - you know, you seem something like this and you jerk your knees, and you say, 'Wow, that's good.' I don't think they thought it through. I don't think they thought Amazon through, and I don't think they thought the Olympics through."

5. His thoughts on reports of sexual harassment in the capitol

"I think the time has come. I think that 'there is a tide in the affairs of men,' says Shakespeare, and there is a tide in the affairs of issues. All of a sudden - this issue has been swept under the rug for a long time. It happened when I was in the legislature. It happens all throughout our society. And I think our society is in the process of cleansing itself."

Opponents of a Winter Olympics bid for Denver are ramping up their campaign this week, with a media announcement Friday and a debate Saturday. Lamm is not leading the charge this time around, but is involved.

You can watch the full interview here:

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Lamm was Next's first guest when the show launched. Then, he discussed why he fought against the Olympics back in the 70s. You can see that interview here.

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