KUSA – If you find yourself walking through an alley off Larimer Square in the coming days, you might feel like you’re being watched.

But no … it’s nothing nefarious. Unless 300 decorative cats in various poses hidden around Denver architecture makes you uncomfortable. Then you might just want to click on a different story on 9NEWS.com (obviously) and save yourself some potential decorative cat-induced trauma.

For what it’s worth, Kelly Monico, the artist responsible, said she’s cool with any reaction.

Tom Cole, KUSA

“I hope people see this and are curious, and for the cat lovers, I think this is right in their alley,” Monico said. “For the non-cat lovers … I think any type of emotion is a good thing.”

The cat installation is part of the “Between Us: The Downtown Denver Alleys Project” from the Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District.

The goal is to bring art to alleys; areas that aren’t typically particularly inviting.

One thing sort of synonymous with alleys? Cats. And that’s why Monico, who is also a professor at Metro State University, is placing the cats all over an alley from 14th to 15th Streets between Larimer and Market Streets.

Tom Cole, KUSA

“There’s about 300 cats that are interacting with one another and interacting with the environment, and the idea is that it’s sort of an Easter egg,” Monico said. “If somebody sees one, you start to look and it leads your eye to another and there’s more and more cats.”

Seriously though … there are a lot of cats, and Monico put them in places that complement the buildings in the alley. For what it’s worth, she said she got them from different manufacturers, including ones in China.

Tom Cole, KUSA

“I think that successful art not only is appealing visually and conceptually but also if you can make people a little uncomfortable, that’s a great piece of artwork,” Monico said.

So, how good are you at spotting cats in an alley? Give it a try below – look for cats, and slide over to see if you found them all!

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