KUSA – You can be nice, or you can be ugly, and it doesn’t take any extra effort to be nice. Those are Dianne Duncan’s words. She lives by the motto and most definitely chooses to be nice.

“My hope is that I make somebody’s day just a little bit better,” said Duncan, working to crochet a small blue and white blanket in her Aurora home.

A year ago, Duncan couldn’t crochet a straight line, but watching YouTube videos helped her get better and better.

“I would say I’m somebody who really, really enjoys crochet,” Duncan said with a smile.

Now, Duncan’s apartment is filled with her crocheted creations and colorful balls of yarn. Most of what Duncan makes she chooses to give away.

“This has definitely been a way to have purpose and to give back to the community,” Duncan said, slipping a knot of yarn onto her crochet hook.

Dianne Duncan
Dianne Duncan

Duncan donates handmade blankets to Children’s Hospital Colorado and crochets little sweaters for Denver Health Medical Center. She was motivated to learn crochet and donate after an unexpected loss almost two years ago.

“My daughter had a miscarriage – lost her first baby, Levi,” Duncan said, looking down at the blanket in her hands.

Duncan often crochets angel blankets which hospitals give to parents whose infants have passed away.

“[Parents] can take that keepsake home and have a remembrance of their little one,” Duncan explained.

Duncan also makes and donates burial dresses for infants.

“It was a way to honor Levi’s short, little life and to give purpose to her life and a way for me to find purpose in her loss,” Duncan said.

Duncan finds a way to make a donation every single month. She also crochets hats to give away to people staying at homeless shelters.

“You can’t change the whole world, but you can change a little part of it, you know?” Duncan said, looking up for a moment before getting back to work on the angel blanket in her hands.