International Women's day was also "A Day Without Women" across the country on Wednesday. Organizers asked women to take the day off work and not buy anything to show their impact on society.

Denver Cat Company owner Sana Hamelin was at Colorado's state Capitol for the Mile High City's Women's Day rally.

"I just think it's an opportunity for us to recognize the impact we have all over the world and to recognize women are still fighting for rights that we take for granted here," she said. "We can't take them for granted because they might be taken away here."

She closed her business for the day in solidarity with other "Day Without Women" strikers, but still paid employees on Wednesday's schedule.

Laura Davies was at the Capitol, too.

"I'm here today to support women's equality and honor all those who came before me and who come after me in their quest to achieve equality for all," she said.

Not everyone in Denver observed International Women's Day by rallying. The Conservative 501c4 Compass Colorado's Executive Director - and 9NEWS political expert -, Kelly Maher, said she stayed at work to fight for issues she thinks are important to women.

"For me, that's things like allowing women to send their children to the schools they choose and school choice," she said. "Ultimately I think it's important we all fight for women's issues and women's rights the way we see fit."

On the other side of the political spectrum, Davies agreed.

"It's not necessarily about being liberal or republican or conservative," she said. "It's about coming together as a country and taking a stand on issues that are important to us."