Law enforcement doesn't apparently do a trademark search before naming a big drug bust.

Wednesday's announcement of Operation Toker Poker, the largest post-legalization marijuana bust in Colorado history, shares a name with a completely legal marijuana paraphernalia company Toker Poker, which is based out of Grand Junction.

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The owner, Matt Bodenchuk, found out that investigators used the name of his business in their sting from a friend, over text message. Then, his mom found out, too.

"My own mom called me, and she was like, 'What is going on? Are you behind any of this?' And I was like, 'No, Mom, I promise,'" he told Kyle Clark.

Seventy four people have been indicted in what Attorney General Cynthia Coffman calls the largest illegal pot bust since marijuana became legal in Colorado. 

Bodenchuk's slightly worried that his business we be impacted by all this. He says a simple Google search of "Toker Poker" used to put his business all over Page 1. Search that term Thursday, and the search results are loaded with drug bust links.

"You never really think about what's behind the name of a code for an operation, but when you wake up one day, and all of a sudden the name of the biggest marijuana bust in the state is the name of your company, it gets kind of real," Bodenchuk said.

He hopes the proverbial smoke will clear, sometime beyond the immediate future.