DENVER — They are the folks who don't want Denver to host the Olympics in 2030 - or even think of making a bid. "NOlympics Colorado" met with the city attorney and a representative from the city council to file a proposed ballot initiative Tuesday.

The group, which is made up of community members, businesses and civic leaders, wants voters to have say. They're worried about the cost, from the entire planning process.

"We're not trying to say the Olympics is a bad thing, we're trying to say the voters should have a say in this," said Larry Ambrose, a member of the NOlympics group.

The Denver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Exploratory Committee looking into bringing the games here says they're looking at private funding. NOlympics argues costs could still fall on taxpayers.

"We just want transparency and then people can make a decision," said Ambrose.

He added, "I believe that people want to vote on matters, that are this important, that have such ramifications.You're talking about billions of billions of dollars, 12 years of planning and logistics to bring an event for three weeks."

Their initiative would require voter approval before officials could collect any public resources or funds.

"How that plays out, how that shakes out, is going to be important to the people of Denver," Ambrose said.

If the city approves the initiative, the group will need to collect about 5,000 signatures to get it on the November ballot.

"The planning process is also expensive, it's kind of like a train leaving the station, we don't want the train to leave the station and a decision to be made before the people have a chance to weigh in," he added.

Colorado has rejected the Olympics once before.

Former Democratic Gov. Dick Lamm led a campaign against the Mile High City hosting the 1976 Olympics – something voters agreed with. They rejected the bid in 1972, making Denver the only city to do so.

Lamm is a co-chair of the NOlympics Colorado committee.