Ministers from two Northglenn Churches took Ash Wednesday outside this year.

Not everyone's schedule allows them to take part in a traditional Ash Wednesday church service, so Mother Kae Madden of The Church of the Beloved Ecumenical Catholic Community and three other ministers brought that service to E.B. Rains Park.

"Sometimes it's hard to get there at night," Beverly Suni said. She received her ashes Wednesday afternoon.

"Generally I'm indoors when I'm connecting with God," Kim Yukel said, who came out to try a new way of receiving ashes. "I wanted to try a unique experience being here."

"Jesus and his disciples spent a lot of time outside the church also," Rev. Jack Wieczorek, a minister at Northglenn United Church of Christ said.

Wieczorek says that's exactly what Ashes To Go is about.

"We're trying to meet people where they are in their lives and in their days," he said.