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The puppies are back!

The third annual Have a Heart for Homeless Pets telethon, sponsored by the Dumb Friends League, runs all day on March 1.

9NEWS will have a live stream of dogs for the duration of the telethon, which includes the five puppies below. Get to know them!


8 week old, English pointer mix, female

Although small in size sweet Santana is big is personality. This adorable pup is a character and her energetic antics brings lots of laughs and plenty of love to everyone she meets. She is smart, adorable and affectionate – the complete pup-package!


8 week old, English pointer mix, female

Cuddler extraordinaire Brittany will make a great companion for someone looking to add a little more love to their life. As she grows up she will likely make a great adventure companion, enjoying hikes, jogs and leisurely walks with her person.


8 week old, English pointer mix, female

Quinn is everything sweet. She loves being near people, being pet and snuggling in laps. This affectionate pup has a happy personality that is evident through her always wagging tail.


12 week old, Labrador retriever mix, female

Ingrid is a very special puppy with a wonderful disposition. She is the perfect mix of playful and snuggly. Ingrid is ready to trot her way right into someone heart and as she grows will make a great companion for walks and relaxing at home.


12 week old, Labrador retriever mix, male

Undeniably adorable little Jordy’s cute face is accompanied by his happy personality. In addition to hanging out with humans Jordy also enjoys walks, playtime and cuddles. As a puppy he is still learning the ropes but is ready to master his skills in a new forever home.

NOTE: Some of these puppies will be available for adoption on March 2. Please check the Dumb Friends League website Friday morning to see which pets are available.