KUSA - 9NEWS Traffic Reporter Amelia Earhart and 9NEWS Anchor Corey Rose both adopted their dogs from the Dumb Friends League. Here are their stories.

Amelia Earhart adopted her chiweenie, Nubbin, from the DFL. She thinks he is about eight years old. Nubbin got his name from an episode of Friends.

Nubbin loves to travel. He has flown with Amelia in a small airplane and gone on road trips. He loves to boss around the big dogs and can sit on his hind legs on command.

Nubbin likes to burrow under blankets and loves to sleep in sunny spots on the living room floor.

"This little pup has been such a joy in my life'" Amelia said. "He is happy and loyal, is always excited when I come home and his unconditional love is something that only a pet can provide. He is truly family."

Corey Rose adopted Kimura after meeting her on 9NEWS Mornings. Kimura, who was named Cindy at the time, was a Petline9 pet from the Dumb Friends League.

"I went out to greet her before hand and she snuggled right into my lap'" Corey said. "I took one look at her and fell in love and I could also tell just by looking into her eyes - that she had a rough start to life."

Kimura came to the DFL malnourished and with worms. She was very scared of everything.

Corey asked the DFL to put Kimura on hold as soon as she met her and texted her husband. They had an 11 a.m. appointment that very day.

Corey says it took her husband by surprise as they were not looking for a dog at the time, but he fell in love with her instantly. He named her Kimura, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu term.

Corey and her husband have had Kimura for nearly a year. She will be celebrating her second birthday on Valentine's Day.

"I am so thankful for the Dumb Friends League. Kimura is such a big part of our family," Corey said. "She is incredible and completes the Cavan household."

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