DOUGLAS COUNTY — Two firefighters are improving after their fire tender crashed on the way to a house fire near Sedalia.

Franktown Fire Protection Deputy Chief David Woodrick said that's good news considering that initial reports had the victims listed in critical condition.

"I was very concerned," said Woodrick. "When you get that call and we were hearing it over the radio traffic and they report back it's your truck, it hits you pretty deep."

A fire tender is a tanker truck that holds 3,300 gallons of water. Franktown was called in to support the Sedalia Fire Department as it battled a fire in an area where water tankers were needed. Woodrick said driving these trucks can be tricky.

"If you try to make too hard of a stop or anything like that, you can feel the water slosh around and move," Woodrick said.

The firefighters have not been identified, but one is a volunteer and the other is paid. Public Information Officer Kim Spuhler said even though they are trained to help victims, it is still difficult when firefighters are the victims themselves.

"When as a firefighter, your brothers and sisters are hurt, you're hurting, too," Spuhler said.

At first, Woodrick said the injuries appeared to be life-threatening after the fire tender crashed through a fence and rolled over. But concerns turned to relief once Woodrick got a chance to speak with his firefighters.

"I have talked to them today. I was up at the hospital with them last night. They are improving," Woodrick said.

Spuhler said after the crash that Franktown Fire Protection received numerous offers of support.

"So, we've not only gotten support from our local firefighters, state firefighters and national firefighters," Spuhler said. "No matter what, this is one big fire family, first responder family and we're one family."

For citizens offering to help Franktown, Spuhler said her department is fine, but people can look to support a firehouse closer to them.

"Check with your local fire department, see if they're doing a fundraiser to get a new piece of equipment," Spuhler said.

Colorado State Patrol is investigating the crash. No other vehicles were involved. The names of the victims have not been released, but one remains in Swedish Medical Center and other has been released and is recovering with family at home, according to Woodrick.

"The news of them and their improved condition was a blessing to everyone," Woodrick said. "It helped lift the spirit of individuals that were feeling down last night, but still on duty and serving."