USA – Two paranormal investigators are hunting their way through Denver with footage that, they say, proves ghosts are real.

Documentary filmmakers and paranormal investigators, Chad Calek and Craig Powell, spoke to 9NEWS on Friday about the documentary tour they are in the midst of, as well as the alleged paranormal activity behind their footage.

They say in order to prove something, they must disprove it first. By debunking paranormal theories, the investigators try to expose the falseness behind them.

“The only way to tell if a place is haunted is to hunt it. You have to be willing to spend a lot of time in the dark,” said Calek.

Their ‘Paramerican Tour’ will feature a documentary based on alleged footage of Sir Noface.

“In the movie, the lengths we went to, to de-bunk this, was ridiculous,” said Calek. “In the end, it could not be de-bunked. It captured footage of a ghost”.

They made Denver a part of their tour due to Colorado’s rich history in paranormal activity.

“Whenever you have a community that has a lot of support for the paranormal, it just makes sense that you would do a paranormal screening,” said Calek.

Calek spends a lot of time ghost-hunting in Denver hotels, including the Oxford Hotel and the Stanley Hotel. The last time he stayed at the Stanley Hotel he captured footage that he says is considered a definitive piece of evidence.

The paranormal investigators say they face a lot of challenges in their field due to a rise in technology.

“Yes it’s great but it can be our biggest downfall as well because it does make it a lot easier for people to create or make fraudulent pieces of evidence,” said Powell

They say that about 99% of everything that people claim to be ghosts, can be de-bunked.

“We’re interested in that fraction of a percent that you can’t get the answers to,” said Calek.

The Paramerican Tour will take place at The Oriental Theatre in Denver on Friday July 15, 2016.