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Police warn about fake violin scam

The supposed musician sets up outside a retailer with a sign stating they need help, but they're not really playing their instruments, police said.
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EDGEWATER, Colo. — Edgewater Police on Wednesday warned about a nationwide "fake violin scam" that's been spotted in the Denver metro area.

It's not criminal activity, but "The Edgewater Police Department wants to ensure that our residents and business owners are well-informed before they donate their hard-earned money," the Police Department said in a news release.

Here's how it works: A person or a group set up outside of a grocery store or other retailers with a violin or other instrument and a sign stating that they need help. They appear to play their instruments while music comes out of a large speaker.

They're not actually playing the music, though, police said.

People doing this have been spotted outside Target and King Soopers on Sheridan Boulevard between West 17th and West 20th avenues, though it's also happened in many other places across the Denver metro area and Colorado.

An Edgewater officer recently asked a group to play a song, and they were unable to. The Police Department said it's also received reports of the music continuing to play after the apparent violinist has stopped "playing."

Anyone who wants to give money certainly can. Edgewater Police said it wanted potential givers to be fully informed before doing so.

"The City of Edgewater and the Edgewater Police Department understand there are those in need, and our community has resources available for those that need them," police said in a news release.

The Colorado Department of Human Resources has several assistance programs, and counties across the metro area also offer resources:

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