After a letter from Denver City Council asked Det. Leslie Branch-Wise for a list of allegations against the mayor last week, a response from her lawyer brushes aside worries of "re-victimizing" her and calls for a full investigation.

Two weeks ago, a letter penned by Denver City Council President Albus Brooks let the public know the legislative body wouldn't look into the mayor's alleged actions years ago. It would re-victimize her.

This, despite another letter penned earlier in the day by City Councilor Rafael Espinoza asking for an independent investigation into the matter.

Branch-Wise came forward recently and revealed she received flirtatious texts from Hancock six years ago.

Late last week, city attorneys sent a letter requesting a written complaint from Branch-Wise and her attorney about those texts by Tuesday.

The letter sent Tuesday afternoon by Branch-Wise's attorney disputes the idea this case warrants a "written complaint."

"This seems to imply that there is no need for further investigation of the disputed facts no known to City Council," reads the letter from Branch-Wise's attorney.

It goes on: Branch-Wise has publicly said the mayor harassed her and says the mayor denies harassing her.

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The response from Branch-Wise's attorney, Sean Lane, asks the city to use its power to bring in witnesses, question them under oath - including Branch-Wise and the mayor - and compile a public report on the matter.

"It was the City Council that expressed an interest in conducting an investigation but deferred out of concern for 're-victimizing' her," Lane's letter reads.

Branch-Wise appears unconcerned about that: Lane says she'd cooperate fully with an investigation into the mayor's alleged actions.

The mayor has told 9NEWS he would cooperate fully with an investigation into his actions.

A formal vote from the council would be required before any investigation could start, according to Brooks.

Read the letter at this link or below.