State Rep. Lori Saine (R-Firestone) was honored Thursday night in Tennessee by the conservative group American Legislative Exchange Council as the "Public Sector State Chair of the Year" two days after being arrested at DIA for bringing a gun to a security checkpoint.

Saine was arraigned on Wednesday after a TSA screening agent running bags through the X-ray machine noticed a loaded 9mm handgun in one of Saine's bags, according to an arrest affidavit.

She was reportedly headed to the ALEC conference when she was taken into custody. She's facing a charge of having a firearm at a public transportation facility - a felony.

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Her lawyer told 9NEWS she forgot the gun was in her bag.

Saine was released from custody after the judge granted her a $5,000 personal recognizance bond that basically means if she misses her next court date she'll be held on a $5,000 bond. The judge in her case also cleared her for travel so that she might accept the ALEC award.

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While Denver Police have responded to 106 reports of a firearm at a security checkpoint in the last year, only two people have been arrested, including Saine, the department said.

9NEWS got in touch with ALEC to ask about the criminal proceedings and her award. The statement, provided by ALEC spokesperson Bill Meierling ignored the first part:

The State Chair of the Year award given to Colorado Representative Lori Saine recognizes her accomplishments as an ALEC state chair and her role as a volunteer leader of the organization. Representative Saine was instrumental in bringing the record setting ALEC Annual Meeting to Denver in July where more than 1,600 national leaders discussed limited government, free markets and federalism--issues fundamental to the fabric of American life.

The statement refers to an event held in Denver earlier this year where Republican and conservative legislators met to discuss legislative agendas.

Saine is due back in court Dec. 20 for her second advisement where her charge will be formally read. A spokesperson for the District Attorney's Office told 9NEWS the case is still in the hands of Denver Police.

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