KUSA— In another sign of just how unusual 2016 is, Republican Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado says he may skip voting in this year’s presidential race.

“I don’t know if I’ll cast a vote for president,” Coffman told 9NEWS in an interview Tuesday. “I’m not going to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I’m struggling with it like many other Americans.”

After Coffman cast his House race as a critical to providing a check on Democrats in the Senate and White House going forward, 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark asked whether Coffman believes Hillary Clinton will win and have a Democratic Senate.

“Could happen,” Coffman replied.

Coffman said he didn’t know whether he might vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson, but agreed that Johnson has said “dumb things” on foreign policy.

While he’s unsure what he’s going to do, Coffman said he will share his ultimate decision after he votes in the election.

Coffman had been undecided about his support for Trump until recently, when he called on Trump to quit the race.

That came after video surfaced of Trump boasting about his own ability to make unwanted sexual advances on women.

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Clark asked Coffman if he bore responsibility for Trump’s rise, given Coffman’s past suggestion that he wasn’t sure President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

“No. None,” Coffman replied. “I said I was wrong. I’ve never taken that position publicly.”

Coffman pointed out a 2012 video in which he cast doubt on the President’s birthplace came from a private fundraiser, but said Tuesday that was “no excuse” and called his own past comments “boneheaded.”

Tuesday’s interview was recorded for Next With Kyle Clark, which also interviewed his Democratic challenger Morgan Carroll this week.

The two will meet Thursday for a live televised debate, which will broadcast at 7 p.m. on Channel 20 and 9NEWS.com.