COLORADO POLITICS — Two resolutions that could help create commissions to draw political boundaries for the Colorado legislature and the state’s members of Congress are headed to the ballot.

Monday morning the state House of Representatives passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 5, which refer respective ballot questions on legislative and congressional redistricting to the November ballot. Colorado voters then would decide whether to create a new way of drawing political map.

Currently the legislature and the governor’s office have a heavy hand in drawing the district boundaries every 10 years using the latest census data. It usually turns into a protracted political fight involving the courts. Ultimately the districts have come to favor incumbents and political parties, say critics.

The new commissions would focus on competitiveness, not gerrymandering to protect the party with a legislative majority or incumbents, proponents of the change argue.

Both resolutions passed the House unanimously. They passed the Senate unanimously on April 30.

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